Doing a Lot of Video Editing

I have been doing a lot of video editing on my computer at home. I have been working on a number of projects like this at my job, but there we have all of the tools that you need to do the job well and to do the job rather effortlessly. Obviously you need to have a great software suite and you have to have a good computer with the proper set up for video if you want to do it well. I do not have all of that and so it takes me quite a bit longer than it would if I had the proper gear to do things. In fact I have been pretty much getting it set up and then leaving after I get things set up. The computer is not going to be able to do anything else while the process is running and it is taking a rather long time to do most of the videos which I am working on. The big thing is that you have to get it all set up right before you click for it to start. If you do not, then you end up wasting a lot of time and effort on something that is not worth any of it. A couple of times I have gone to bed with the process running and then woke up to find that the end result was not worth a darn. The color on the video was way off and it looked like a bad dream. I was really mad at myself, but there was nothing to do except to start all over after I had figured out what it was that I had done wrong. I had made a very simple mistake and it embarrassed me because it was something I should not have done.

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