Where Are the Best Zoos in the USA?

where are the best zoo in usa

In spite of recent debate, most zoos prioritize animal welfare and conservation. Some even go beyond traditional zoological parks to become safari parks, reserves, or animal sanctuaries.

Omaha Zoo stands out with a geodesic dome housing the world’s largest indoor desert and Congo Gorilla Forest, where visitors can get close to chest-thumping western lowland gorillas. Lied Jungle exhibit also stands out, providing a natural rainforest environment suitable for macaws and other tropical animals.

Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is a destination of choice for animal enthusiasts of all ages. Boasting iconic exhibits, and known for their dedication to conservation and education initiatives. Through the Living Classroom Education Access Fund they have brought over 150,000 low-income students and their teachers through free standards-aligned daytime or overnight field trips at no charge!

The Zoo offers visitors a host of attractions and activities. For instance, its Herbivora building displays animals from both common barnyard species as well as those native to Southwest American desert environments. Furthermore, visitors can witness Mai Thai and her family roam freely through its Elephant Reserve exhibit.

Gibbon Islands, situated on two islands connected by water flowing from Swan Lake, are one of the zoo’s best-known attractions, home to yellow-cheeked gibbons and siamangs that delight guests with their antics and loud whooping calls. Wings of the World bird exhibit also draws a crowd, featuring over 100 bird species from all around the globe.

Smithsonian National Zoo

One of the premier zoos in the country, this Smithsonian-owned attraction covers 163 acres in Rock Creek Park. Attractions include giant pandas Mei Xiang and Tian Tian; African lion prides; Asian elephants; gibbons swinging 50ft above you from steel cables connected to towers called “O Line”. Furthermore, Rock Creek Zoo is well known for its worldwide breeding programs as well as species-preservation efforts.

Olmsted was also responsible for New York City’s Central Park. Olmsted designed this sprawling outdoor section that follows natural contours; some animals roam free while others live in enclosures that mimic their habitat in nature.

Reptile House boasts seventy-five species of reptiles and amphibians, such as radiated tortoises, spider tortoises, Home’s hinge-back tortoises, Cuban crocodiles, green tree pythons from Timor pythons to green tree pythons from green tree pythons; Gharial’s; Japanese giant salamanders and two pairs of sand boa constrictors. Additionally, daily animal demonstrations and activities take place. Admission to some attractions requires tickets – free entry is offered.

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo

Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo is not only an extraordinary animal attraction but also boasts an outstanding commitment to wildlife conservation. Boasting world-class attractions like Desert Dome and Lied Jungle as well as an immersive aquarium, this zoological oasis will leave an everlasting impression with visitors of all ages.

Don’t miss a visit to the Scott Aquarium and its new Stingray Beach during your travels – an unique attraction allowing visitors to view sharks and stingrays swimming overhead! Open daily between 10 am – 4 pm.

Sue’s Wildlife Carousel, a classic merry-go-round with hand-painted animal replicas, offers five percent discounts to zoo members. However, ride operations depend on weather conditions; rain, snow or ice may prevent their operation. In addition, behind-the-scene experiences like golf cart tours and overnight safaris are also offered at this zoo.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo offers many activities designed to bring family members together. Visitors can get up close with meerkats in their underground burrows, ride the Skyfari Aerial Tram for breathtaking views of Balboa Park or learn about conservation and animal care through Wildlife Explorers Basecamp children’s zoo.

Visit on a weekday morning when animals are at their most energetic. Plan on arriving early as the zoo may become busy with school groups during the day.

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The zoo boasts a highly successful breeding program for several endangered species, such as giant pandas. Visitors can admire these heartwarming giants in the Panda Canyon exhibit or discover one of Australia’s largest colony of koalas outside Australia or search for red pandas hiding out in their bamboo forest.