Should I Buy a Condominium in Beach road, Singapore?

should i buy a condominium in sg

Condo owners own only their airspace; therefore they share common areas and amenities with their neighbours.

Condos in Beach road, Singapore offer many people the convenience of having pools and tennis courts nearby, while privacy and security remain key selling points for these properties.


Location is one of the key components to keep in mind when purchasing a condo, particularly its proximity to MRT stations and public transport such as Farrer Park MRT station, which will increase its value over time. A condo located close by will appreciate faster than one located further out.

Keep in mind that condo prices vary depending on your neighbourhood. A unit in Central district will likely cost more than those located in Serangoon or Ang Mo Kio due to being closer to city centre.

Finally, when considering condos as potential homes for rent near schools or hospitals, make sure that you consider how close these are. Doing this will allow you to avoid long commutes while making life more convenient; plus it could even save money on gas while relieving stress levels.


Condominiums offer luxurious homes as well as an array of amenities and services designed to elevate living standards. Residents may take advantage of concierge services, round-the-clock security assistance, private gyms with state-of-the-art equipment and playgrounds exclusively designed for children – essential amenities that ensure residents enjoy comfortable, safe living arrangements.

As well as these features, many condominiums also provide sports facilities like tennis and basketball courts so residents can stay active while socializing with other residents. Some condos even provide professional sports trainers to maximize the sporting experience for residents.

However, some prospective condo buyers remain wary of these amenities and services, particularly those planning to rent out their condo. Instead they prefer focusing on other aspects of the property such as location and price.


Purchase of a condominium is a long-term financial commitment that should take into account both your lifestyle and financial position. Condos can be great options for people who do not wish to deal with the hassles associated with maintaining a house; particularly single individuals and empty-nesters who appreciate community living.

When it comes to selecting a condominium, size matters. While smaller units tend to be more cost-effective for couples without families, larger units might provide more living space and amenities than expected. Also important when selecting a condo: visiting its development and speaking with a sales rep directly.

Be mindful of how the size of a condo affects its resale value; generally speaking, two-bedroom units tend to attract investors more, with greater capital appreciation compared to one bedroom units. Furthermore, select a project developer with an established track record as they’ll likely fulfill on their promises and meet completion deadlines more reliably.


Purchase of a condo requires careful consideration of a family’s financial capabilities and affordability. Families should carefully analyze their income, expenses, debt levels and savings goals as well as consult with a mortgage specialist or financial advisor in order to make informed decisions that maximize value and savings potential.

Families should carefully evaluate their financing options, including minimum down payment requirements and loan-to-value calculations. Furthermore, it’s essential for them to comprehend all costs related to buying such as legal fees, property tax payments and maintenance charges as well as compare loan packages available and assess their credit histories before making their purchase decision.

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Singapore condo buyers typically require a down payment of at least five percent of the property purchase price, although this figure may change depending on their nationality and type of condominium purchased. Furthermore, buyers must also pay stamp duty which depends on both price and whether or not the purchaser is a Singapore citizen or permanent resident.