Moving the Laundry to the Main Floor for Mom

Mom is not getting any younger. Her knee surgery was a success, but she still has pain going up and down the stairs. Dad wanted her to have the laundry on the main floor. She was adamant in doing the laundry even though dad tried. She said he could not do it right. They could not afford to have the washer and dryer moved into the pantry off from the kitchen. There was room, just not enough funds. My wife called a plumber in Morris County NJ to see how much it would cost to do it.

We got the plumber to come out when mom and dad were away at a friends house for the night. They asked us to check on the place for them and let their dog out. We had the plumber come then. We got a very reasonable cost to move the washer and dryer to the pantry including the cost to install a washtub. Mom likes her double sink washtub. All we had to do was find a place to relocate a shelf. Moving the freezer to the corner freed up a lot of square footage in the pantry for the shelf.

We told dad about it the next day. We told him that it was a gift from us to him and mom. He was very happy. We decided to not tell mom about it. We had the work done when she went to stay with her sister for a couple of days. When she got back, she did not even notice when she first walked into the pantry. She was talking and then stopped, turned around and walked back into the pantry. She was very happy to see the washer and dryer installed there. She finally admitted that it was very painful to go up and down the basement stairs with her one knee still hurting. We are very glad to have made her happy.

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Expedient Plumber Services for a Terrible Clog

I am in the unfortunate situation of needing to hire a plumber. The toilet in the main bathroom is clogged. My son caused quite a mess in there, and I went in there to try to see if I could fix the problem, and I nearly threw up from the stench. It is quite awful and so I will be more than happy to pay someone else to deal with it. So I am going to hire a plumber in Bergen county NJ as soon as I can to come and deal with this issue.

I really hope that it will be fixed soon because the smell is starting to show up in other parts of the house. I have thought about turning off the air in order to keep it from spreading. That might be ideal, but then it would get hot in here. That could make things worse as well, and so instead of thinking about what to do, the best thing would be to get on the phone and make sure that a plumber is coming over to my house as soon as possible.

I cannot live like this, and I am really not sure how bad it is going to be to clean this up after the clog is removed. I hope that it is not as bad as I think it might be. But I am pretty sure that it will be unpleasant regardless, and i am trying to steel myself for what is to come. I am going to have to clean it up tonight, because if I do not attend to the mess, then it will only get worse in terms of the total impact on the house. This is really a gross thing to have to deal with, and I wish my son did not flush.

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