How We Are Using Home Security Cameras from ADT

Our neighborhood has changed over the years. We have taken care of our house and have lived here a long time. Other neighbors have sold their homes and landlords picked them up. They rent to mostly nice people, but some people are not so nice. We have had increased incidents of vandalism and theft. We decided the home security cameras from ADT might be really helpful in deterring some of the petty crimes we believe are being mostly committed by teenagers who have bad parenting. We figured that exterior cameras in areas we want surveillance to occur would be the first step in getting the troublemakers to pick another target.

I know that is sad to say, but it is how things are in some neighborhoods now. I remember we rarely, if ever, locked our doors when I was growing up. Well, we make sure we lock them now. We will even lock the front door if we are out back where the patio and pool are at. It is just how things are now. Home security cameras from ADT have given us a tremendous advantage over homes that do not have any surveillance cameras. We can see all around the house. The inside cameras and outside cameras can see in total darkness. They are also very high resolution. There is no grainy footage with these cameras.

I also like it that we can access the cameras from a tablet or smartphone from anywhere we have Internet access. If the alarm does go off, then the agent at the monitoring center can confirm to the police if it is a real or false alarm by what he sees on the cameras. Police departments are much more apt to respond quickly if they know a real crime is actually in progress by being confirmed by an eyewitness report.

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