Types of Packaging Finishing in Staten Island, NYC

Packaging finishing in Staten Island, NYC provides printed products with an appealing aesthetic and feel, and some of the more popular methods include varnish and lamination.

Varnish provides protection from scratches and moisture damage, while adding a glossy sheen. Spot varnish allows you to reduce varnish usage by only applying specific areas of your print design – saving both money and resources!


Foil finishing adds a luxurious feel to packaging and has become increasingly popular. Many major brands utilize foil finishing as part of their branding strategy, using it to highlight logos or key information; but this finishing option can also be integrated into designs to elevate product offerings.

Ralph & Russo box collection stands as an exemplary example, featuring rose gold foil stamping on a soft grey embossed design for an aesthetic that perfectly captures their luxurious yet timeless aesthetic and provides tactile proof of quality craftsmanship.

Foil printing is much quicker and simpler than ink printing; only needing one run and minimal production time required to produce. Plus, foil can be combined with other finishes like embossing or debossing for even greater customization – and since it doesn’t interfere with biodegradation processes either!


Metalized coating is widely utilized in the packaging industry due to its ability to reflect light, reduce glare and enhance product image. Furthermore, it acts as an excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen and electrical interference – as well as providing another finishing option such as spot varnish or embossing.

Metalized coatings are more durable and recyclable than foil coatings, lasting longer while withstanding more abuse. Plus, they’re much better for the environment! Plus they can be printed onto all sorts of paper materials without losing quality!

Metallized film is a polymer film coated with aluminium to achieve the glossy metallic appearance of foil at an economical cost and weight. Metallized films are popularly used in food packaging; heat and water resistance makes this material perfect for premium packaging products.


Varnish on packaging helps protect its printed designs while adding visual appeal, increasing durability and longevity while providing greater resistance against wear-and-tear, abrasions, and water damage. Plus it’s much cheaper compared to other forms of printing finishes!

Varnish can be applied in many different ways and designs for various effects such as raised areas, unique textures, ghosted images or to highlight specific content. It comes in both flood or spot coating options and comes in various thicknesses and finishes.

High-gloss varnish can make colors pop, while matte varnish adds sophistication and softness. Texturized specialty finishes like grit varnish add tactile elements that communicate your brand’s individuality and promote tactile engagement with customers.


Embossing is an effective way to add texture and visual interest to a paper product. Embossing involves using a die to imprint single or multi-leveled imprints onto its surface with raised designs that can be felt with your fingertips – something embossing cannot achieve alone.

Foil stamping can create an elegant and luxurious appearance on both paper and cardstock surfaces, making it the ideal solution for business cards, invitations and stationery. In combination with foil stamping it can also give a truly exquisite effect.

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Debossing can help your brand and product’s perceived value increase significantly, yet its use should be done sparingly and for only important information on packaging – this ensures customers clearly receive your message without creating a confusing or chaotic appearance.

Soft-touch lamination

This type of finish is an effective way to elevate the luxury experience for customers receiving printed packaging. It adds a soft velvet-like texture that conveys premium quality and elegance – not to mention standing out against competition in ways that draw their eye!

Soft-touch lamination uses a plastic, matte film bonded to your packaging for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. It is most often found in cosmetic and perfume boxes to add subtle elegance, and also popularly seen on high-end fashion and jewelry packaging, expensive technology components, e-commerce boxes, as it resists moisture scuffing and moisture absorption; plus it works great when embellished with spot UV printing or embossing!