Shipping Tips For Home Delivery – Proper Packaging Can Save You Money

When you plan to ship items, it is a wise idea to look into packaging tips for home delivery. If you already send out thousands of packages every year, you know what can be expected at times when you do not properly package your items for home delivery. Sometimes the items do not get to their destinations in good condition. Other times, the items may become damaged or the packaging has been tampered with during shipment. This is why you need to read this article about some basic tips for packaging for home delivery. This will help you prevent common problems that could happen.

packaging tips

The first of the packaging tips for home delivery is focusing on the quality of packaging materials you use. Be very careful when you decide to reuse used packaging. If you select to recycle cardboard boxes, be aware that cardboard boxes are easily weakened and give less protection when they are washed. Before sending your package, you must be sure that your item is safe and seal is strong.

One of the best packaging tips for home delivery is to select good, cost-effective boxes. Boxes with good thermal qualities are better than transparent, thin ones. These boxes also have to be thick enough to keep fragile items like glass beads or costume jewelry intact. If you want to save money on packaging materials, you can use brown grocery bags instead of polypropylene plastic bags. These bags are much cheaper and provide good packaging as well.

Good packaging tips include using a cushioning method that is less expensive than bubble wrap or foam. You can make your own pillow cases from remnants of pvc pipes or use shredded paper to create pillow cases. You will save even more money by making pillow cases from old bottles of lotion, shampoo or dish soap. You can also purchase non-woven cushions from craft stores or online.

One of the most convenient tips for packaging is to use corrugated cardboard instead of wrapping heavy, bulky products like gym equipment in heavy paperboard or foam. Cardboard provides a solid yet flexible covering. The disadvantage of using corrugated cardboard is that it is not weather resistant and it will become damaged easily if exposed to moisture. Therefore, the cardboard box must be tightly sealed to protect it from moisture.

When it comes to packaging tips for home delivery, another thing that has to be considered is the size and weight of the parcel. It is not advisable to send large parcels that exceed 50 kilograms. If your parcel is going to be small, foam, bubble wrap or tissue paper will do. However, if your parcel is going to be heavy, it is better to use packing tape, bubble wrap or cardboard boxes. Using these tips for packaging will greatly reduce your shipping costs.

If your parcel contains fragile items like glass beads or crystals, it is best to use bubble wrap or tissue papers. Also, if your items are bulky, you can use corrugated cardboard boxes. However, if your fragile items are not breakable, stick to using heavy duty, weather resistant packaging boxes. There are many people who make the mistake of using cheap corrugated boxes and tape them to their parcel. This will only add to your shipping expenses since these boxes are not breakable and can only withstand very low temperatures.

Most important among the tips for packaging tips for home delivery is to make sure that all the important and necessary things are packed properly. Use boxes, tapes and packing tape for heavier and more fragile items. For fragile items, like glass beads and crystal, you can use silk, velvet or chiffon. As for things like e-commerce packages, padded envelopes or bubble wrap will do the trick.