Lumina Grand EC in Bukit Batok

lumina grand ec

Lumina of Grand ec is a striking example of contemporary architectural design, featuring spacious interiors with stylish accents. Ideally located near renowned schools, its proximity makes Lumina an excellent choice for families prioritizing education; children will relish having all their school needs met without long travels to distant campuses.

Bukit Batok and Jurong shopping malls provide residents with plenty of delicious culinary offerings, enabling them to spend their free time without having to travel far from home.

It offers a luxurious living experience

Lumina grand developers has revealed that Bukit Batok is an excellent option for HDB upgraders looking for an upgrade in lifestyle. Close to many amenities and recreational spots that foster community spirit among residents, as well as new programs introduced by the district government to enrich it further, this EC is becoming a highly desired location both among homeowners and investors.

Keming Primary School, just minutes away from Lumina Grand, prides itself on fostering character development while simultaneously providing academic excellence – encouraging its pupils to be self-confident and independent learners.

Jurong Region Line (JRL) will bring shopping malls, dining options, and entertainment venues closer to home for residents of Lumina Grand. By being conveniently located nearby JRL stations, these establishments will make it easier for residents to access their destinations without experiencing traffic congestion issues.

The location of lumina grand offers residents easy access to its nearby MRT station as well as efficient bus services that ensure hassle-free commutes to places not serviced by MRT, while contributing to green initiatives of our nation by helping reduce carbon emissions.

It is offered by a well-equipped bus network

Lumina Grand EC in Singapore is conveniently connected by an extensive bus network that facilitates smooth and predictable daily commutes. With proximity to Bukit Batok MRT station and several bus interchanges, travelling across Singapore is made simpler while its prime location near major expressways allows residents easy access to Orchard Road and East Coast Park without hassles.

Furthermore, the EC is conveniently situated close to several acclaimed primary and secondary schools – making it an ideal location for families that put education first. Fuhua Primary School, Dunearn Secondary School and Bukit View Secondary School can be found within reasonable driving distance of Lumina Grand EC; all provide world-class curriculums and syllabuses, along with counterclassroom experiences for holistic growth. Other well-recognized secondary schools like Swiss Cottage Secondary School provide pupils with all-encompassing pedagogies that give pupils everything they need in today’s fast changing world – helping them thrive in today’s fast changing world.

As Singapore moves toward sustainable living, the cost for lumina grand has included taking steps to minimize its carbon footprint. Thanks to its proximity to Jurong Region Line (JRL), residents can access other parts of Singapore quickly while cutting travel time and emissions emissions. Furthermore, residents can anticipate more shopping malls, dining options and entertainment choices opening near their homes in due course.

It is offered by a community club

The lumina grand site and floor plan in Bukit Batok offers grandeur at an economical cost when compared to private condominiums, making it an excellent option for future residents as well as investors alike. Boasting abundant value-appreciation potential in an ever-evolving landscape, its affordability makes Lumina Grand an excellent option both as a place of residence and investment. Furthermore, its community club hosts workshops and classes, giving inhabitants an opportunity to pursue new hobbies and expand their social circles.

The EC is conveniently situated nearby shopping malls and eateries, Bukit Batok Nature Park, bus stops and the Jurong Region Line (JRL). Residents are easily able to commute via this eco-friendly transport option which helps them reduce carbon emissions while contributing towards building a sustainable future for Singapore.

Parents will appreciate Lumina Grand’s proximity to an array of esteemed schools. Keming Primary School, just minutes away by car, boasts an exceptional academic program dedicated to nurturing creativity, innovation, and character development for its students. Other renowned schools nearby such as Princess Elizabeth Primary School and Swiss School Singapore provide world-class standards as well as comprehensive student development programs; making the property especially advantageous for families prioritizing education as one of their top priorities.

It is offered by a school

Lumina Grand EC’s location near several top schools makes it the ideal combination of luxury living and education, making it an attractive option for families that put their children’s education first. Princess Elizabeth Primary School nearby is well known for its holistic approach that prioritizes character development as well as academic achievements; Swiss Cottage Secondary School near Lumina Grand EC also holds high regards as it equips its students with skills, abilities and values necessary for thriving in today’s dynamic society.

Bukit Batok Town and Jurong boast carefully planned infrastructure, which makes the EC an accessible hub. There is an extensive bus network which makes traveling around Singapore effortless for residents, providing convenient access to malls nearby or touring outer regions of Singapore. Residents can rely on reliable bus service when reaching their destinations.

As an added benefit, Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to JRL will enhance its real estate value for current and prospective owners and investors. Improved connectivity is one of the major contributors to rising property values; residents may use MRT trains instead of driving as transportation to contribute towards Singapore’s vision of greener future. Set your appointment for lumina grand today.