An Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Some Important Facts

Search engine optimisation is the process of enhancing the quantity and quality of site traffic to a particular web page or a particular site from search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. SEO targets direct traffic as well as unpaid visitors. In other words, all traffic that results in an actual sale or a lead is considered to be SEO. However, it should be noted that not all traffic that results in an actual sale or lead is SEO.

SEO helps to increase the ranking of a particular site on the search engine results page (SERP). This improves the visibility of the site to online users through natural search results. In addition, SEO helps to make a particular site more visible to online buyers who may have no interest in the product or services on offer. SEO can be defined as a technical science which aims to improve the visibility and rankings of sites on the search results pages of search engines, particularly Google.

The most important step in SEO involves link building. Links serve as the indicator of legitimacy and reliability of the site. If the site has a large number of inbound links, it implies that the site has built up trust and reputation in the eyes of other web users. However, to build backlinks to your site, you need to engage in link building strategies.

One of the best methods of link building is to create and maintain relationships with other websites and online communities. You can do this by making comments on other sites and blogs which are relevant to the theme of your website. You can also comment on forums which are related to your niche and at least post thoughtful and intelligent comments. You should also ensure that your comments and posts are relevant to the topic. For example, if you are commenting on a parenting site about child rearing tips, you should not bring up unrelated topics or problems.

Another method of building links is through pay per click advertising. This entails placing advertisements on search engine result pages. The higher the ranking of your advertisement, the more chances you have to get clicked on the ad. With the increased traffic, your site will draw more visitors. These additional visitors can be converted into potential customers by carrying out follow-up marketing campaigns or contacting these visitors through e-mail marketing.

You may also engage in article marketing and publication of news and articles in different news websites. The more backlinks you create, the better it will look in your SEO campaign. The best way to go about it is to write quality content that is highly informative and beneficial to the readers. This will enhance your credibility and will make people visit your site for the purpose of gathering information about what you are offering them. This will help improve your ranking on search engine result pages and will help you increase the number of backlinks that point towards your site.