Started Trying to Quit Smoking Again

I have just now started trying to quit smoking again and I have decided that I will probably try to do it with some sort of vapour cigarettes. Of course you have to figure out where to summon up the will power if you really want to quit. That is the key, being determined and of course it helps if you have something you can focus on, Of course I sort of think about how I am angry at my Dad because he could not quit smoking even when it was obviously doing him a tremendous amount of harm. So I try to use that to focus on the idea that I am going to succeed. Of course it is a tough thing to beat and I have tried a bunch of different times in the past. I have tried the nicotine patch and the nicotine gum, but they did not provide a very satisfactory experience in my opinion,

Of course for a long time I just trade an addiction for cigarettes for an addiction to the nicotine gum. In fact it some way or another ends up costing twice as much money as smoking does and I end up just starting to smoke again. It was rather depressing when I realized that I had given up on trying to quit again. Still I had not given up the idea that I should make myself in to an ex smoker. It is just going to take a bit more of an effort and a little bit more will power. You have to be able to make an affirmative decision and then you have to be ale to stick to it, even when the going gets tough. Of course it is going to get tough before you get to where you want.

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