My Wife Loves Our New Dial-up Service

As a very young couple, who just got married last year, my wife and I have to be very careful with our money. We are just starting out in the work world, and we just do not make a lot of money yet. But we cannot be without Internet, so I found a website online to help compare dialup Internet in our area so that I could get a better idea of the type of prices and options we can expect to pay for it.

I should also mention that we have a new baby who is only 3 months old. This is yet another reason we have to be careful money-wise. When we go to visit my parents, my wife loves to use their computer so that she can look up information on some of her favorite parenting pages. She saves up a list of questions she has and then looks them up when she gets the chance to research them. I really wanted her to have the ability to look things up at the drop of a hat if she wanted, and that was one reason why Internet was so important for us.

After making a lot of phone calls, I found out what the best prices in our area would be. We do not play games or watch movies on the computer, so we do not need high-speed Internet. Separately, because we are both so busy with the baby, we would not need to use it for hours at a time every day. This meant that we could pay less for a lower speed. I quickly picked out a plane and excitedly made an appointment with them for our big install day.

Because I had not alerted my wife that I was having new service put in, she was pretty surprised when the installer showed up. And she was pretty happy about it, too. Now she would have the ability to look up parenting info any time she wanted to without having to wait until we make a trip over to visit my parents.

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