My Sister’s New Job and Apartment Helped Me Get My Career Confidence Back

My sister got a job with a company she has been applying at now for a couple of years. She was determined to land the job without taking an entry-level position first. She told them from her first interview that she was a great manager and was not going to start out as regular staff. Now I am just the opposite. I had a lot of experience in a field I was working in and then took a job about three positions lower just to have a job. That is why my sister is living in Highland Pointe apts and I am at home in the apartment above the garage at our mom and dad’s house.

She really has a nice place. I was really impressed when she gave me the grand tour. Her apartment has two bedrooms and high ceilings throughout. They have a pool there that reminds me of ones you might see at a resort. They also have a community area that has things that make you want to hang around and socialize with your neighbors. It seems like a really nice and fun place to live. She is doing well in her new job, and they are already talking about moving her up in the company.

Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I used her success as a motivator. I started to put in applications based on my prior experience. The place I was at was just cannibalizing my experience for low pay. I needed to get confidence back in the abilities I had. I interviewed for and declined four jobs in a row when they offered me positions lower than what I was applying for. I told the interviewer at the fifth place that I would not accept a lower position than what I applied for. He asked me why I brought that up, and I explained it. I got the job I applied for. After I pay down some debt I plan to lease a place at Highland Pointe apts too.

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