Longer Hair for My Natural Look

My hair is pretty short, but sometimes I like to have it a bit longer. Usually I’ll get some hair extensions after having my hair straightened and permed, but takes a little time and isn’t really good for my hair. For a party, I decided that I would wear natural hair clip ins as an alternative. The natural clip ins would allow me to bypass the straightening process and just use a texture that matches my normal hair. I don’t usually go natural for that long, because I prefer to have straightened hair, but in some cases I’ll make an exception.

Hair usually costs a lot when I buy it, so for my natural clip ins, I wanted to see if I could find some kind of discount. I searched online and found a website that was offering the natural clip ins for a lower price than I would have paid for if I had went to a regular hair store and paid for them. I ordered the clip ins in advanced, because I didn’t want to order them at the last minute and risk the chance of them not arriving in time for me to put them in for the party.

Once the clip ins arrived, I got to work on my hair. It was pretty easy to put the clip ins in my hair. My hair was ready, and I had a the perfect outfit and shoes to go with it. I headed to the party early to help my friend prepare and she really liked my natural look. She had gone to the beauty salon to get her hair straightened earlier that day, and wished that she had gone with a natural look as well. I told her about the price I paid for the clip ins and she couldn’t believe it.

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