Korean Programming is Quite Good

I am a huge movie buff, so one would think that I have seen all genres of movies. When a friend asked me to watch a Korean drama with her though, I had to admit that I was not too gung ho on it. I do know how to speak Korean because my grandparents moved to America from there, and it is the only language they speak at home. Because of that, I learned it from an early age. That still doesn’t mean that I watched Korean programming with them, as it was not readily available to them when they were still alive.

I thought it could be interesting though, especially since she was really set on watching this one program called A Gentleman’s Dignity. She is a huge crime drama fan like me, and this series has a lot of the things that we like in it in addition to that. It is a serious drama, but it can also be classified as a drama, thriller, action, fantasy, and even comedy at times. It has a little bit of everything in it, even a touch of romance, so it was actually the perfect type of programming for us.

The basic concept is there are four guys who are just a bit older than we are, and it tells their stories. Not only does it cover their work successes and even failures, but it covers their private lives too. They have the same kind of jobs that we do, so it was actually like watching a program that could have been anyone in our circle. We were able to watch all 20 episodes online, and that just whet my appetite for even more Korean programming, which I was able to find at this site. I still watch my American programming, but I watch just as much Korean shows now too!

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