I Didn’t Want to Miss Football Games

When I moved from Pittsburgh to Richmond, I knew that life was going to get a lot better for me. I had accepted a job at a prestigious company, and things were just really looking up for me. The only downside to this was that I could not get any of the Pittsburgh Steelers football games on TV. Here, it is all about the Redskins, and they are just not my team of choice. My boss told me to look at www.cable-tv.com/comcast/virginia/vcu/mcv-east/ to see if that was something I would be interested in.

He is also a fan of another team, though his loyalty lies with the Cowboys. He ended up getting Directv so he would never miss a game. I had never had satellite television up to that point, but I was extremely interested in finding out more because I did not want to miss a single game. I looked at the prices first. Even though I make a great salary, I was still not prepared to throw a considerable amount of money away. I was happy to see that the prices are actually very competitive with cable prices, and there are a lot of promotions that are exclusive to Directv.

The one that I like best is the NFL Sunday Ticket promotion. I was able to not only get this package through Directv, but it is free for being a new customer. Even when I do have to start paying for it next year, the price is still lower than what going to one game would end up costing me. This way, I get to watch the game from hundreds of miles away from the home stadium in the comfort of my own home. I also get a lot of other perks like free movies for three months and a low monthly price in addition to my football games, so life really is perfect for me now.

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