Creating a Future for the Community

Finding a local rural Internet Service Provider that is going to provide their customers a fair price for their Internet plans has been a long time challenge. This is due to the lack of a networked infrastructure to service these hard to reach communities that have been left in the dust by the rest of the country. Even the Hughes Net plans, which are undoubtedly some of the cheapest for rural counties, is marginally higher than what a typical provider is going to charge their customers. Typically it takes as much as a whole community coming together and paying for the cost to dig the digital cables necessary for a broadband connection.

Most providers don’t find it profitable to pay for the lines themselves thanks to middling size of these out of the way communities. It may not be the most fair situation and I wish that local or state governments would help residents with the cost. Unfortunately, in order to improve the state of any community so that it might progress economically and socially they are going to need an influx of new ideas. Even if their schools might suffer from a lack of funding, the resources found on the web can help bridge any gaps their education may suffer from.

Access to the Internet even opens up the possibility of a child being able to enroll into a completely online school. Thanks to the nature of digital books there is no concern for a shortage or for them to be out of date. Helping the next generation to grow into successful individuals may help to serve to improve the community. They might return to their hometown and open their own businesses. They might enter into politics to infuse the community with new, fresher ideas rather than allowing it to stagnate in poverty.

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