An Apartment Closer to Work

When I graduated from college, I thought it was going to take a while to find the perfect job. I also thought it would take me a while to climb up the proverbial ladder. Thankfully, I was wrong on both counts. I was offered a job at a legal firm in Manchester, and it was not long before I had been promoted twice. I still had a ways to go before partner, but I was definitely on the fast track. Because of my success, I looked at The Pavilions Apartments in Manchester CT.

I had been living in a small apartment in the suburbs, but the drive was not fun. I wanted to be closer to work as well as the friends I have made since starting the job there two years ago. Several live at the apartment complex I was looking at, and I knew that I would be as happy there as they are. I have never been there personally, so that is why I wanted to look online to make sure that it was definitely the place for me. I definitely liked the location of it, since it is close enough to walk to work if I wanted to do that.

I also liked that there are so many things to do right there on the property grounds. Prior to moving here, I was paying a good bit of money for the privilege of working out in an elite gym. The gym here is just as nice, and I do not have to pay extra for it. I also can play tennis, go swimming, and many other things, and that alone makes it worth it. In addition to that, the apartments themselves are gorgeous, and I only wish I had made this decision a lot sooner than what I did.

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