How to Save a Bundle of Money

Researching your energy providers here in Texas is something every business owner simply must do to survive in a competitive environment. In the old days everyone got power from one company and everyone paid the same rates, more or less. You might be able to wrangle a lower rate if you were one of the big boys in industrial manufacturing and used a lot of power, but most businesses paid what they had to for the juice. Those days disappeared some time ago thanks to the deregulation of the energy markets. Now you can choose a provider.

The benefits are obvious. By introducing competition into the marketplace, energy providers must constantly tinker with their rates so they can offer a better deal to a business. Their competitors have to decide whether to pass on a bunch of new customers or offer an even lower rate. It’s just been a real boon for businesses in Texas. I actually believe that one of the reasons that Texas has the strongest state economy in the country is because of the competition in the energy market. I know for my business it’s been a real blessing. Continue reading “How to Save a Bundle of Money”